Management training courses on Adansonia are designed to build the existing management skills of learners while learning new ones. These courses are designed for professionals in the Tourism sector who seek to transition into managerial roles, allowing them to prepare for the additional responsibilities. The courses are also designed to help established managers and professionals at any level continue their professional development.

The course is developed to meet the managerial capacity needs of mid-level managers of hotels. Managers will admit that in most cases they have assumed their roles without adequate preparation and therefore find their work challenging. Most hotel managers either rose through the ranks to assume managerial roles or were recruited from school and other businesses without adequate preparation for their roles. This has deprived hotels of the opportunity to benefit from the full potential of these managers. The management training for middle level hotel managers is therefore designed to equip learners with the required knowledge, skills and attitude to perform effectively in their respective roles.

Course Objectives: The specific objectives of the course are to help learners:

  • Identify the qualities of good leadership and design road map to implement good leadership skills for their role;
  • Appreciate the dynamics of people at work;
  • Build a strong team, communicate properly and delegate efficiently;
  • Unlock the opportunities in better decision making and emotional intelligence.

Target Learners: Hotel Managers, Mid-level career officers in hotels, Finance and Administration staff of hotels.