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Inventory management helps businesses keep track of and control a business' inventory that is bought, manufactured, stored and used or sold. Effective or proper inventory management ensures businesses keep track of not only raw materials but also finished good and products. Inventory management is important to small businesses because it helps them prevent stockouts, manage multiple locations, and ensure accurate recordkeeping.

Women are gradually making their ability to be leaders felt in entrepreneurship, administration and many more industries and positions. More and more women are resolved to break the traditional glass ceiling that barred them from entering leadership positions even when they possessed the requisite skills and talent to occupy them. This course aims at establishing the important role and impact women in leadership play and provide some tools and techniques to prepare and position learners to take up leadership roles when opportunities arise.

Managing contracts and staff is key to business sustainability. It is important for business owners and managers to, before engaging in any business activity, to agree on what is expected, how it is expected, when it is expected and what would be done when expectations are met. These usually form the basis of a verbal or written agreement with workers, suppliers, distributors to guide working relationship with them. 

Usually, a contract is used as legal basis for engaging in business with workers/suppliers and other third parties. Whether written or verbal, once both parties agree to the terms of the contract/agreement, it is deemed as binding on them and they are expected to fulfil their parts of the agreement. This course is designed to xxxxx