Managerial training courses on Adansonia are designed to build the existing management skills of learners while learning new ones. These courses are designed for professionals in the Education sector who seek to transition into managerial roles, allowing them to prepare for the additional responsibilities. The courses are also designed to help established managers and professionals at any level continue their professional development.

Private Schools are businesses and should be managed as such. The course in business plan development provides learners with a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and underlying concepts of business plan development for private schools. It makes a strong case for schools to develop business plans to serve as planning, management and a communication tool.

Course Objectives: The specific objectives of the course are to enable learners

  • explain the importance of a business plan;
  • outline typical contents of a school business plan;
  • identify school’s unique selling proposition;
  • outline risks faced by the school business;
  • explain the schools market and marketing strategy;
  • list and explain financing required and sources.

Target Learners: School owners, School owner/managers, School administrators, School accountants