Managerial training courses on Adansonia are designed to build the existing management skills of learners while learning new ones. These courses are designed for professionals in the Financial Inclusion or Financial sector who seek to transition into managerial roles, allowing them to prepare for the additional responsibilities. The courses are also designed to help established managers and professionals at any level continue their professional development.

The desire of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to increase outreach is always laudable, given the proportion of the population that remains excluded.  However, growth and expansion must be planned and executed and should be allowed to occur by accident.

The course brings to the fore, the fundamental need for FSPs to grow and expand for impact, Key considerations for managing business growth and expansion to achieve increased outreach, profitability, and sustainability.

Credit providing institutions are critical for enterprises and the wider economy and their operations impact on various aspects of the economy. For effective and impactful credit delivery to realised, credit providing institutions must operate within well thought through institutional framework. The course provides the required knowledge and skills for operating effective credit delivery enterprise. It ensures that learners are able to strengthen their overall credit management practice spanning the articulation of credit philosophy, formulation of credit strategy, development and roll out of credit policies and procedures.

Course Objectives: The specific objectives of the course are to enable learners:

  • Describe the credit ecosystem and supporting credit infrastructure;
  • Explain causes of weak loan portfolio;
  • Describe the concept of credit, credit risk and credit management;
  • Explain elements of institutional framework and practice for strengthening loan portfolio.

Target Learners: Operation Managers, Credit Managers, Credit Supervisors, Credit Administrators and Credit Officers.